Award Winning Scholarship Program From National Informatics Centres

Resmi, a prominent online education portal based in Indonesia, has recently introduced an interesting concept called Scholarship Metode. Scholarship Metode is an innovative online learning portal developed by Resmi Education for students and teachers in high schools and colleges in Indonesia. The concept is very much similar to that of the edX, a portal whose main target is to provide top quality education to the learners around the world. However, scholarship Metode takes things a notch higher by offering educational opportunities to students who cannot afford fees associated with traditional education.


One of the many interesting features of scholarship Metode is its ‘Pay per Credit’ program. In this system, students have to pay for their online education using their credit cards. If they fail to pay, the lessons will be stopped. If a student fails to pay for a lesson, he/she loses that lesson, and the instructor has the right to cancel the remaining lessons. This is a big advantage for students, as normally, paying for school costs consumes a lot of time; not to mention the anxiety associated with trying to arrange finances.

Another interesting feature of scholarship Metode is the “Pay for course” option. Students can purchase any of the courses offered through the portal and choose whether to pay for them or not. When a student successfully completes a course, he/she earns his/her master’s degree. When choosing his/her credits, the student has the choice of selecting among six different credits, which include; Sayogi, Puusantara, Kusa, Karate, and Math.

One of the best courses offered through scholarship Metode is the “Read and Write For A Living” program. In this course, students learn how to express themselves well in both Japanese and English. Students will also have the chance of learning about the culture of Japan. Students can enroll in this program if they plan on teaching later in life. As of now, there are no limitations for the students who wish to enroll. The requirements to join this program are the same as those of the other ones mentioned above.

An important feature of scholarship Metode is its “Learn and Earn” program. In this course, students can take part in projects and activities which aim to introduce them to real-world concepts such as marketing, economics, and accounting. The projects span various topics such as accounting, business, finance, and marketing. At the end of the program, students will be presented with their projects, and the degree they achieved will be certified by the Metode Institute.

This program aims to build a strong foundation in the core subjects of Business, Finance, and Accounting. Students who successfully complete this program will not only have a strong educational background in these three subjects, but they will also have strong competencies and skills required when working in a professional environment. The students will have strong communicative and oral communication skills, as well as excellent mathematical skills.

One of the most important aspects of this program is that it also covers the language aspect of Mandarin. It is highly regarded that an individual who does not know the native language can communicate effectively with his/her clients in business. It is a requirement to know the local dialect of the people before being able to communicate with them. Through this course, individuals will be able to learn conversational Mandarin. Moreover, individuals will learn how to introduce themselves and interact with native speakers in order to properly learn the language.

The course offered by Scholarship Metode focuses on teaching students the art of listening effectively. Listening effectively means being able to understand the message and meaning of what is being said. In addition, this program also teaches students how to speak correctly using the local dialect of Mandarin. Therefore, when applying for scholarship programs such as those from the National Informatics Centre, it is imperative that you are enrolled in a course like hasil aplikasi that focuses on the principles of sentence formation, reading and listening as well as being able to speak the local dialect.